Unique location and amazing house

  • Guest octoberheat (Seattle, WA)
  • Date of stay 01/09/14
  • Review Submitted 01/12/14

We had our company retreat here and it was fantastic for the whole team to hang out, everybody had their rooms and we congregated in the kitchen and living areas and were able to relax while cooking or chatting. The house was definitely very unique and every room is decorated differently, I stayed on the second floor of this great house and this house has a couple more floors as well. The facility is excellent and everything is within walking distance, we really enjoyed walking down to Little Italy, its close by from the Airport and very convenient, the fact that Wi-Fi was working and easy to get on was a bonus for us as we could continue to get some work done while hanging out with the larger team. After describing the place to my wife, we are now headed down here in a couple of months for a getaway.

Recommended for: Tourists without a car, sightseeing.