Victorian museum

From: Gary, Washington DC

Source: Airbnb

After many AirBnB stays, I can say that this was simultaneously one of the lowest priced and one of the most gorgeous and comfortable places available. The property location puts you in Little Italy, a short walk from Balboa Park, and you can be headed north or south on I5 a minute after you start the car. Although you're next to the freeway and only a little south of the infamous airport flight path, the place has had thorough noise abatement, and I can assure you that noise is no problem. I literally didn't hear a single plane. The typical airBnB is a bare room with little decor. Please take a look at the photos of this house, and you'll see that it is much more like a Victorian museum than anywhere you've ever stayed. Cassandra could not have been a better hostess. Although we occupied a single bedroom, this busy professional cheerfully gave us a tour of the entire, enormous house. There's no question that you could put twenty friends and family into this building, and nobody would have a bad room. Cassandra reset the combination lock to something we couldn't forget, so we were secure in this nice neighborhood without needing to carry a key. I'll be very sorry if this place is unavailable next time I'm in San Diego. It's as inexpensive as some couches on airBnB, and I just don't know what you'd be looking for if this isn't luxurious enough for you.