SDhouse is located in the long established neighborhood Park West, an area which also acquired the name "Bankers Hill" because of its reputation as a home for the affluent.

Bankers Hill is one of San Diego's nicest upscale residential neighborhoods located west of Balboa Park and east of Little Italy. Bankers Hill is best known for some of the grandest homes in San Diego and the incredible hillside view that looks over downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Banker's Hill has some of the best examples of high end residential architecture that dates back to the late 1800's. Examples of Victorian, Craftsman, Revival, and Emerging Modern homes can be seen throughout the Bankers Hill area. Many of the original mansions that were built here have been restored to their original beauty and some have been converted into professional buildings used by lawyers, doctors, dentists, and small companies.

With views of the Pacific Ocean and Balboa Park, Bankers Hill is home to young professionals who want to live in an urban pedestrian setting. As many homes are actually positioned up on a 'hill' overlooking Downtown, San Diego Bay, Coronado, and the airport, it is common to see people spending their time watching the airplanes landing and the sun setting across the water.


Bankers Hill is an ideal place to go for an afternoon walk. The walk will offer you spectacular views of the city and the intrigue of some of San Diego's finest historic homes. Some of the popular Bankers Hill restaurants include Bertrand at Mr. A's that has amazing views, Cucina Urbana, Hob Nob HillBusalacci's, Azuki Suishi, and Bankers Hill Restaurant.

As a result of this idealistic location, the SDhouse is conveniently located to many attractions & amenities (click on any location to learn more):